Name: Alantris Fitzalan

Age: 24


  • Light Armor -  20~30


  • None


Alantris was just a regular man in Cyrodill. He had all he needed. Then, he decided to travel to Skyrim. He hadn't thought of any real estate, he figured he's find money there. He traveled all the way to Darkwater Crossing, and I'm pretty sure you what happened from there.
After the Dragon attack, he traveled around, doing jobs for Jarls and just fighting. Then, as he walked to rent a room in The Bannered Mare, he met a little girl named Lucia. She was an oprhan who was selling in the day and working for the inn at night. Alantris felt pity, and in a few days, he borrowed money from a friendly Khajiit (Paladins of Dovakiin mod) and bought Breezehome. He then adopted Lucia as his own. However, he is not able to always visit, as he discovered a few weeks ago that he was Dragonborn, a person with a Dragon Soul and can speak the language. The Dragonborn is the only one who can permanently kill the Dragons, so he is now the protector of Skyrim. He now works to help his daughter live in a large house (Hearthfire) with a Bard, Steward, and maybe a pet, so she won't be as lonely...

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