aka Marco Hazard (Haz)

  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is definitely not a Magical Girl.
  • Mhazard

    The upcoming blog for my first RP series A Land of Revival - Crawler of the Soil, a story of revival of a mysterious figure known as "KW", who can rival against Thalmor with his knowledge. Here, I'm planning to reveal some lores related to the RP and possibly, sketches and arts.

    • Chapter 1: Crawler of the Soil -
    • Chapter 2: Yearn of the Undying One
    • Chapter 3: Remnant of the Revenant
    • Chapter 4: Order of the Undying One
    • Chapter 5: Demise of Dominion
    • Chapter 6: I am One who Crawl
    • Chapter 7: Into Sunset
    • Chapter 8: Life Goes On

    Winterhold is cold, just as always, what makes it cold, is the people...

    The year is 4E 237, Emperor Titus Medes II was assassinated by a Dark Bortherhood assassin, a…

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