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  • LugsyOfSlugsy

    It dosen't have anything to do with RPing but I'd rather do it here than the TES wiki. The bosmer are supposed to be able to shapeshift because they witnessed the creation of the Earthbone.

    In his passing, his spiritual energies formed an Earthbone, a natural law, to limit certain aspects of the world. Yffre's Earthbone placed a limit on the ability of a being to change its form and nature, as previously they could change them at will. However, the Bosmer, having witnessed the formation of the Earthbone, learned how to manipulate it to avoid its restrictions.

    But they can't. (Dam you,Bethesda!) But if the next game was in Valenwood, maybe the player could gain the power of shapeshifting.You wouldn't have to play as a Bosmer, much like how th…

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