Patrollers are trusted users of the wiki granted with the rollback tool to keep the wiki free of any vandalism. With a single click, they can revert bad edits. Only Bureaucrats are able to grant their rollback rights.

Duties and PrivilegesEdit

  • Watching the recent changes and keeping an eye at edits for vandalism. Always notify any user whose edits have been rollbacked. Even IP addresses should be notified.
  • Reporting vandalism to an admin in their talk page. In the event that an admin is unable to black a vandal, place/give a warning on the vandal's talk page. This may discourage further vandalism.
  • Scout for recently made articles that may not meet standard style and formatting guidelines.
  • Maintain an overall mature and friendly demeanor when interacting with other editors.
  • Practice diplomacy when users make mistakes.

List of PatrollersEdit

Active PatrollersEdit

Semi-active Patrollers

Inactive Patrollers

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