Administrators are a group of users with special tools to preform specific tasks. They are chosen amongst regular users if their behavior and skills meet the expectations and the community believes they can benefit the site having said tools.

Administrator Abilities

Administrators have the tools in order to preform the following tasks:

  • Block disruptive users from the Wiki
  • Delete unnecessary or spam pages

  • Protect pages on the Wiki

Administrators also take on the role as mentors and authority figures on the Wiki. As they are expected to resolve conflicts and/or disputes, while also helping new users on how to use the site within the rules and guidelines. Administrators are expected to keep a calm, rational attitude towards situations of the like.

How to become an Administrator

Currently there is no official way to become an Administrator on this Wiki, however, a common way for a user to possibly get Administrator is through an application or nomination via the Consensus Board. Ways user can show if they are able to handle the Administrator tools is to frequently help new users, enforce policies, and be generally a positive user on the site community.

A Bureaucrat has all the same tools as an Administrators, but can grant other user the Admin tools and remove them. However, Bureaucrats can only have their tools removed by the Wikia Staff, the Founder is a default Bureaucrat on the Wiki

Administrators are only given one account to have the tools on, however there are exceptions, one example would be on a bot made for site work.


Active Administrators

Semi-Active Administrators

Inactive Administrators

Past Administrators

Administrator Conduct

Administrators are expected to be calm, open minded, unbiased, mature individuals when handling Wiki related matters. They are expected to have a fluent understanding of the Wiki's polices and guidelines in addition know how and when to enforce them well.


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