• Mhazard

    The upcoming blog for my first RP series A Land of Revival - Crawler of the Soil, a story of revival of a mysterious figure known as "KW", who can rival against Thalmor with his knowledge. Here, I'm planning to reveal some lores related to the RP and possibly, sketches and arts.

    • Chapter 1: Crawler of the Soil -
    • Chapter 2: Yearn of the Undying One
    • Chapter 3: Remnant of the Revenant
    • Chapter 4: Order of the Undying One
    • Chapter 5: Demise of Dominion
    • Chapter 6: I am One who Crawl
    • Chapter 7: Into Sunset
    • Chapter 8: Life Goes On

    Winterhold is cold, just as always, what makes it cold, is the people...

    The year is 4E 237, Emperor Titus Medes II was assassinated by a Dark Bortherhood assassin, a…

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  • U.F.B.

    Name: Alantris Fitzalan

    Age: 24


    • Light Armor -  20~30


    • None


    Alantris was just a regular man in Cyrodill. He had all he needed. Then, he decided to travel to Skyrim. He hadn't thought of any real estate, he figured he's find money there. He traveled all the way to Darkwater Crossing, and I'm pretty sure you what happened from there.
    After the Dragon attack, he traveled around, doing jobs for Jarls and just fighting. Then, as he walked to rent a room in The Bannered Mare, he met a little girl named Lucia. She was an oprhan who was selling in the day and working for the inn at night. Alantris felt pity, and in a few days, he borrowed money from a friendly Khajiit (Paladins of Dovakiin mod) and bought Breezehome. He then adop…

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  • Damon Salvatore173

    Hello everyone im Damon (also known as dragon due to former username) and I love to role play on wikis especially fantasy ones like this.

    Now I want to know some tips and tricks about this wiki so I can get started with the role playing, please let me know in the comments cheers :D

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  • High King Dragonborn

    I'm new!

    July 13, 2014 by High King Dragonborn

    Hello anyone who looks at this! I'm High King Dragonborn, the new guy! Pleased to be here, a good buddy of mine Legacyofhades suggested I join and, well, I did! I'm really excited to join the The Elder Scrolls RolePlaying Wiki, and you'll most likely be seeing more of me (I hope!)

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  • LugsyOfSlugsy

    It dosen't have anything to do with RPing but I'd rather do it here than the TES wiki. The bosmer are supposed to be able to shapeshift because they witnessed the creation of the Earthbone.

    In his passing, his spiritual energies formed an Earthbone, a natural law, to limit certain aspects of the world. Yffre's Earthbone placed a limit on the ability of a being to change its form and nature, as previously they could change them at will. However, the Bosmer, having witnessed the formation of the Earthbone, learned how to manipulate it to avoid its restrictions.

    But they can't. (Dam you,Bethesda!) But if the next game was in Valenwood, maybe the player could gain the power of shapeshifting.You wouldn't have to play as a Bosmer, much like how th…

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  • Stendarr God of Justice & Mercy

    I wish to see one of us to become a Chat Moderator. I believe I should be the First Chat Moderator, as I am the first non-co-founder, and I will frequent Chat a lot.

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